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About Shriram Pranav Monga

Having been a part of the Retail Industry for almost 13 years now, I understood very early in my career that Retail was my true calling.
The firm that I steer, SRED, is a Real Estate Advisory company that has over the years come to be synonymous with executing & managing high profile Real Estate projects with utmost precision and optimisation.
At the helm of it all, I feel very grateful & blessed.

After more than a decade in the Retail Industry, I’m constantly striving to understand my clients’ needs and providing quality retail solutions. The projects I’ve been involved in recently have been accepted with just as much enthusiasm as I put into each of my endeavours. So be it your latest 7 star Movie experience or Food & Beverage collaborations through the North, SRED has been there steering award-winning concepts each step of the way. And that’s how i always intend for it to be.