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Kristian Melquiades

General Manager, Banana FinTech

Kristian Melquiades

General Manager
Banana FinTech


Kristian is one of the leading non-bank payments and unsecured lending executives in the Philippines. Together with his colleagues in Banana FinTech, Fucent and Petnet, he has grown and developed thousands of merchants all over the country to accept QR Code payments. Merchant acquisition that is not only focused on big cities, but also in provinces where most merchants were traditionally hesitant to accept mobile payment systems. He works closely with different industries and segments of society to understand and improve the use case of Banana Pay (a Filipino Mobile Wallet).

A lot of work still needs to be done, especially in a society that prefers cash. Kristian, together with his colleagues, are working on a better digital payment solution focused on financial inclusion.