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About Abhinav Pathak

During work stay in US, happened to experience how bad Black Friday can get from a customer experience standpoint and then seeing similar experiences at the top retail brands in India motivated me to start Perpule. Our vision is to make offline retail better by driving new and enhanced models of engagement and redefining commerce that happens at the billing counter. Commerce is a layer on top of payments fundamentally necessary to complete transactions and we are on a mission to democratize it. Focused on solving the key problems in retail to make offline retail experiences super awesome & memorable.

Perpule is one of the fastest growing retail tech/commerce companies in India and is on a mission to build the commerce platform for India. Perpule gives the control of offline commerce in the hands of customers by enabling self-checkouts and self-ordering solutions for offline stores, outlets, malls & cafeterias. This improves the shopping experience of customers and solves the problem of queues at checkout counters. Customers use it to discover products, scan barcodes, get all the offer and pricing information for the products and can also checkout and pay in the app itself. Perpule also offers UltraPOS which is a platform independent, form factor independent POS billing system that can enable anytime, anywhere billing. It is a cloud-based SaaS product which eliminates the need of bulky servers and computers in the store. UltraPOS will enable offline stores to reduce billing counter size by up to 40% and help increase sales and revenue through an AI/data-driven approach to dynamic offers, cross-sell and upsell. It is currently being used by retail brands such as Vishal Mega Mart, Big Bazaar, HyperCITY, Foodhall, More, SPAR, V2 Retail, Spencer’s and many more.