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About Huzefa Merchant

Huzefa Merchant is one of India’s leading retail minds and a prominent voice for change in India’s retail landscape. His vision to get Indian innovations recognised on the global stage has been driving him to continuously break new ground. He holds 10 design copyrights and his innovative retail solution, that achieves a seamless integration between the excitement of physical retail and the convenience of digital technology, has won multiple awards and accolades. Not only has he achieved all this by the age of 35, he has achieved all this while being 95% blind.

His story is inspirational, filled with grit and determination, of overcoming the odds to not just live a normal life, but to excel and succeed. When asked on multiple occasions how he runs a design-centric firm despite having such limited visibility, his humorous repartee is, “It takes vision to grow a business, not eyesight!”

In his own words, “I’m 95% blind yet run a business that involves complex manufacturing and project management processes. My blindness was never an excuse for me to not be successful, instead it drives me harder to create an identity for myself and my brand INSYNC. I am now on a mission to empower future leaders by motivating youngsters to believe in themselves and back themselves and their abilities with conviction.”