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About Arush Kakkar

Arush Kakkar is a true visionary in the field of artificial intelligence. With a background in electrical engineering computer vision research and law, he brings a unique perspective to the field of AI. As the CEO of, he has built a company that uses AI to analyze brick-and-mortar businesses in retail, logistics, banking, and security. His company's applications include analyzing customer behavior in retail stores, detecting security threats in sensitive installations, improving operational efficiency, reducing losses, and increasing revenue.

His expertise in computer vision has led him to author two books on the topic and to speak at numerous international and national conferences. He is recognized as an internationally acclaimed technologist and has received numerous awards for his work in the field. Named one of the "25 under 25" in science and technology and "30 under 30" in entrepreneurship, he has also been featured in various publications and magazines for his work in technology.

With his wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for technology, Arush is a valuable asset to the AI community. He continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with AI and is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to improve businesses and society as a whole.