Asia Retail Congress

About Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is the Chief Optimisation Officer & Managing Director at AMD-Optimus, a management development company who specialises in Multi-Site Leadership development within the Retail Industry. With an international retail career of over 30 years starting from the shop floor to senior leadership roles, Mark has been privileged to have worked for & with some of the largest retailers on the planet. He has a strong track record for results & has turned around multiple companies from being loss makers into profitable businesses. Leading sales teams to achieve unbelievable results including over 200 stores achieving up to 6 months sales in just one weekend. Mark is not only a sought after retail expert & a pioneer of a number of retail concepts widely used today, but he is also an internationally acclaimed speaker, mentor, & coach who specialises in Multi-Site Management, Leadership Development, Manager Performance Management & Retail Operations Efficiency.

Topic: "Driving Retail Performance through Effective Leadership"

Overview: When sitting in a trading meeting and you ask “Why are sales down”, 99% of the time the retail operations team give either a lack of footfall, stock or a lack of marketing as reasons for missing the sales budget. During this energetic and engaging talk learn why these are just excuses and that by understanding some of the science behind multi-site leadership, businesses can deliver operational consistency and improved sales regardless of trading conditions

Take aways - The audience will :

  • Understand what companies must get their Multi-Site Leaders doing in order to drive results
  • Learn what’s required in order to deliver an efficient and effective Retail Operation across multiple Units / Regions / Countries
  • Learn why a lack of footfall / Stock or Marketing as a reason for sales being down are really just excuses