Asia Retail Congress

About Puneet Mansukhani

Puneet Mansukhani has been a part of this growing retail industry for the last couple of decades. He has been extensively involved in helping retailers build their IT strategy, their digital journey and using tech as a business function than just improving operational efficiencies.
He has worked with Indian and global retailers in framing their customer led strategies leading to better customer segmentation and better accuracy of their buying patterns, thereby doing targeted conversations in effect better wallet share towards the brand.
Puneet has been working on plenty of co-build opportunities/prototypes which cannot be mapped by standard products out of the box but become unique offerings for the retailer in the form of self checkouts, AI for customer recognition on entering store, order picking as a service, etc.
His extensive experience has been used by several retailers to enhance their businesses and use digital transformation (always in progress) to it's optimum use across retail processes than just the customer touch points. Improving decision taking abilities for a merchandiser or a warehouse operator by giving access to information on-the-go does improve efficiency thereby bloating the bottom-line.
With his deep domain knowledge and experience he has been the go-to person.