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About Vijay Kapoor

Mr. Vijay Kapoor is a first-generation entrepreneur who founded the Men’s Fashion Brand – Derby Mens wear in 1994 at the age of 23, He was born in Varanasi in the year 1971.
He spent most of his life growing up in Chennai, Tamilnadu in India. He completed his schooling from St. Bede’s. He Graduated from Loyola college.
Vijay Kapoor aced Stanford University’s prestigious ‘Seed Transformation Program’, a rigorous program that test the wheels of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.
Vijay Kapoor was a shy quiet boy as a child. As the years passed by a storm began brewing within him, the need to live a life of purpose which made a difference to others around him.
The Horse Shoe Man
For centuries, the horse shoe has been viewed as a good luck charm. Vijay Kapoor is known as the Horse Shoe Man, rightly termed by his wife Rakhi Kapoor in her short biographical book about him. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a capital of Rs. 2 Lacs, Two tailoring machines, and two hundred square feet of space. The book captures in its pages story of a first-generation entrepreneur whose ideas sprouted clothing businesses across India and whose heart strengthened the resolve of others around him. Through his voyage in his personal, professional and spiritual life, he looks to inspire people to restore faith in themselves and in life.
Mr. Vijay Kapoor dreams of creating 1000 successful first-generation entrepreneurs by 31st March 2025, through his Men’s Fashion Brand – Derby Menswear.
His passion lies in making a success chain; successful – customers, vendors, suppliers, service providers, franchisee partners, front end & backend team members. His lifestyle and work-ethic have always chimed with the logic “Money is an amazing By-Product but a poor point of focus”. By making others successful in your business process, you will eventually become successful. He loves LIFE and strives to live every moment with intensity and enthusiasm. He travels the world, has trekked the Himalayas, has dived in the most exotic coral reefs of the world. He ensures to spend a week in silence & meditation every year, has a harmonious family and friends circle and believes that – life is beautiful, in spite of all its imperfections.
The Motivational Speaker
Vijay Kapoor believes that obstacles don’t block our progress, they only provide an opportunity to correct ourselves and learn more. He postulates that challenges and adversity present themselves so that we can innovate. His life in an example of his words, “A comeback after a setback is possible only if we don’t give up on ourselves.”
Vijay Kapoor regularly gives talks in various forums, public gatherings, events and educational institutions to give talks since the year 2010. He has been invited to be a guest speaker to inspire and motivate his audience over hundred occasions.