Asia Retail Congress

About Manoj Nakra

Alessandro Gaffuri is a retail strategy specialist passionate about how to create Manoj has over forty years of work experience and has led organizations for the last twenty years. He became CEO of The Waterbase Ltd. in 1990, a company he listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. He was until recently Chief Strategy Officer for Apparel, a retail company in Dubai (2013-2018). He was Executive Director of Dubai SME, a Government organization that catalyzes entrepreneurship (2005-2013). Manoj is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT Delhi, an MBA from IIM, Bangalore, and a Doctorate from Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Topic: "Managing Retail in a Flat World"

Summery: My presentation will focus on how CEOs and Managers need to develop different mindsets to manage Retail as a business in a digital world. I will cover – how legacy retailers need to change, what holds them back (mindsets, finance, supply chain, design etc. and how each of them exists today, what will happen if we do nothing, and how they can be reinvented). Similarly focus on how e-commerce companies need to change (what they are today, how they need to change/adapt, and what could be a migration). The two different streams must meet.

  • Practical doable things (strategies for both retail and ecommerce) the day after in the office
  • Change in mindsets, a pre-requisite for a flat world
  • New metrics to evaluate your business everyday